Rosie Garschina
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TeenNick Teenick Trollback Creative Director Promax Nickelodeon

Trollbäck was brought in to help Spotify develop a branded language for their new platform of original video programming. Working with a growing list of partners such as Comedy Central, ESPN and MTV, the Swedish streaming service is looking to expand video offerings to their mobile audience. Our solution was to use sound design and editorial techniques to personify the Spotify brand shapes into human elements. Quick match-cuts capture varying angles of overlapping objects ultimately resolving to the Originals logomark. Open and close animations were created to bookend the programming.


Multi-platform Rebrand

While Creative Director at Trollbäck+Company, I led a team of writers, strategists, animators and art directors through a four month pitch to rebrand Viacom’s TeenNick property. Our discovery process included interviews with a diverse set of real-world teens. We extracted an insight around the juxtaposition of opposing forces - analog vs. digital, nostalgia vs. tech-forward and the awkward tension of being almost an adult and no longer a kid. It was this “in-between” state that defined our creative strategy and convinced TeenNick to award us a multi-platform rebrand.

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Live-Action Photography

A major component of the rebrand was a live-action treatment of gen z kids in TeenNick contexts. I lead a team of writers, strategists and art directors to craft multiple scenarios and storylines intended to reference TeenNick content and capture tweens in their natural environment. The treatment included parameters grounded in diversity and imperfection. Burst photography and low frame rates were explored as techniques to reference a culture obsessed with analog sensibilities. Live-action direction was lead by Elliott Chaffer and photography duo Anais + Dax.