Rosie Garschina

Google Chromecast

After an extensive pitch process our team at Trollbäck was awarded a comprehensive digital campaign tasked with putting the new Spotify design language into motion. To convert users to Premium subscribers, we focused on creating emotional connections to key benefits of the service - from ad-free listening and offline commuting to better sound quality while working. We shot and composited 10 contextual scenarios and then translated each animation into 10 languages for use across markets in Asia and the Americas. In collaboration with our sound partners YouTooCanWoo we created genre-agnostic music for continuity across the entire campaign.

The spots aired within the Spotify App, across social platforms and at various live events. 

Google Chromecast

Retail Campaign

It was a pleasure to work with the NY Spotify office to concept, creative direct and live-action direct a product film for their Google Chomecast partnership. The goal was to drive awareness to Chromecast audio by partnering with artist Jason Derulo for a retail campaign during the back-to-school season. I crafted a context for Jason to interact with the device, illustrate its benefits and educate users on its ease of use. Over a two week period I worked with a team in LA to design and construct a set, define wardrobe and craft a narrative for Jason's performance. Following the shoot, I worked with the NY Spotify team as well as Jason directly to edit and integrate branded language into his dance sequence. The film ran in Google retail stores, on social and the web.