Rosie Garschina

MTV International Global Rebrand

Trollbäck was brought in to help Spotify develop a branded language for their new platform of original video programming. Working with a growing list of partners such as Comedy Central, ESPN and MTV, the Swedish streaming service is looking to expand video offerings to their mobile audience. Our solution was to use sound design and editorial techniques to personify the Spotify brand shapes into human elements. Quick match-cuts capture varying angles of overlapping objects ultimately resolving to the Originals logomark. Open and close animations were created to bookend the programming.

MTV International

Cross-Platform Brand Identity

It was a pleasure to work directly with the MTV brand team in Buenos Aires to design and execute a holistic brand experience that aligns all of MTV’s international properties. The challenge was to create a flexible system to grow the brand’s digital presence and empower internal teams to create expressive, unified visuals in every region. What resulted is a bold graphic framework that unifies the MTV brand, creating a cohesive presence for over 370 million TV viewers and an even bigger digital audience spanning 45 countries and 13 language markets.

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